James Palmer
GLE Advanced Certified Leadbetter Coach

I have been playing golf since I was 12 years old. 
Having represented Norfolk at golf and been an elite pole vaulter, I have lots of experience performing under pressure which I bring to my coaching.
I began my coaching while I was still in the fire service, I was fortunate enough to train under David Leadbetter and am a GLE Advanced Certified L3 coach.
Everything related to the Leadbetter brand encapsulates attention to detail, allowing me to be associated with excellence and benefits you by:
Simplifying the coaching process
Using technology to validate the improvements we are making.
Understanding that we are all unique and building a bespoke personalised coaching journey for you.
Continuous development for my students through the continuous professional development afforded to me, enhancing your golf.


30 minutes £30
45 minutes £40
60 minutes £60
9 hole playing lesson £60 non-members £50 members


6 x 45 minute lessons £220
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New Monthly Subscription Package

James Palmer is here to help you take your golf game to the next level with his new Monthly Subscription Package
What’s Included:
  • 2 hours of in-person coaching every month
  • Choose between 4x 30-minute lessons or 2x 30-minute lessons plus 1 nine-hole playing lesson
  • Unused sessions can be rolled over to the next month
  • Unlimited online coaching and support through Skillest
  • Access to “Draw More Circles,” a shot data collection app for more effective practice
  • Club Gapping evaluation every 3 months
  • Priority booking in Progenda
All this for just £120 per month (minimum 3-month subscription required). 


I am proud to say I coach on Skillest which quite frankly is incredible. If you have never tried online coaching before I would really recommend it. You get instant access to me as a coach and I find it really helps me build a much more connected relationship with my students and helps me support you way better on our journey. If you aren’t sure what to expect check out the sample lesson below.

To book a complimentary online consultation click the ZOOM CALL button below or follow me on Skillest.

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